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How to Upgrade When Stuck With Unsupported Ubuntu Releases

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Have you ever updated your servers? I trust most of you have. Anyway, from time to time one finds an unsupported release, running on some forgotten server. In some cases, it’s an unused service or something to be decommissioned, but sometimes, we should update it. At Devex, found this situation recently. You’ll find in this article how we upgraded some cases we couldn’t decommission.

Performance Issues With Rails and VirtualBox

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Two weeks ago, we noticed some performance issues with Rails in our development setup, while all our other environments, some much less powerful, were working with much better performance. After confirming that no recent change caused this slow-down, and running some diagnostics and measurements to record the performance in some point, this took us on a small trip into some Ruby on Rails debugging on a VirtualBox.

The Devex NewsLab: Using Google Docs as a CMS

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This article describes our current content management solution and gives some insight on the parts of the implementation we think are interesting.

As you might know a big part of our website is dedicated to News content covering various aspects of international development. At Devex we usually publish around 10 articles per day which are sometimes planned and worked on several days or even weeks in advance. There are different people involved in the process including both internal and external writers, editors, researchers or marketing folks. Some of them contribute to the article’s content while others just need to be aware what is going on to coordinate their own work like social media campaigns.

Holiday Links!

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We hope you had nice and happy holidays! Here’s some of the things Devexers have been reading during the last weeks…

Accumulated Christmas Friday Links

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Merry Christmas!

December 12th

December 19th